REAC²H Details

REAC²H workshops are ideal for those of you who long to feel more connected to your own worth and want to live from your truth. When we learn to lovingly befriend our own true nature, then we are better able to experience intimacy with others. REAC²H is specifically designed to bring compassion, awareness and healing to the traumatic and attachment-related wounds from our past.

REAC²H workshops are a perfect fit for those of you who think that your childhood experiences with family members and/or your adult relationships continue to influence how you feel about yourself today and how well you connect with others. REAC²H workshops can be very useful for those of you who tend to distrust romantic partners and avoid intimacy (i.e., attachment/love avoidance) and for those of you who tend to lose yourself in relationships and constantly fear that your partner will leave you (i.e., attachment anxiety/love addiction).

The mindfulness techniques that are taught and practiced in the REAC²H workshops are a brilliant way to reduce negative emotions and mind-chatter, reconnect with ourselves in the present moment and come to accept and love ourselves as we really are – whole and complete.  If you have tried to address these kinds of issues on your own, but you felt scared and overwhelmed (which is not surprising) – the REAC²H workshops can help you rediscover security and strength within yourself to continue on the path toward wholehearted living.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how abuse and neglect in childhood can affect attachment relationships
  • Understand how attachment relationships shape patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Identify their own attachment style and why it developed that way
  • Recognize how their attachment style affects their adult relationships
  • Begin practicing mindfulness in formal meditation and in daily activities
  • Cultivate a more compassionate connection with their own body
  • Experience greater awareness of what attachment security feels like in the body
  • Approach negative attachment-related thoughts with less judgment and greater compassion
  • Regulate and manage difficult emotions that arise from earlier attachment experiences
  • Experience oneself with less judgment and more compassion
  • Experience greater loving kindness for themselves and others
  • Integrate mindfulness and self-compassion practices into daily life


What to Expect

The REAC²H workshops are designed to be a balanced mix of informative instruction and experiential application of the therapeutic material.  Dr. Caldwell will be the instructor for the entire workshop and usually he will be assisted by a qualified therapist/trainer.  Participants will receive a workshop binder that includes instructional material that can be used during and after the workshop.  The instructional material will include handouts of the powerpoint slides and supplementary articles written by Dr. Caldwell on various workshop topics.  The binder will also include “REAC²H for Life” exercises that can be used in day-to-day life to maintain a course of growth and progress after the workshop ends.

Participants will be encouraged to dress modestly in casual, comfortable clothing suitable for sitting meditation, gentle movement exercises, and/or walking meditation.  Temperatures can vary, so please consider bringing several layers of clothing.  Participants may want to bring a meditation pillow or mat, but this isn’t necessary.  The REAC²H workshops will be held in a comfortable and safe location, usually over the course of 3 days (e.g., Friday – Sunday).  The workshop will typically start at 8:30 am and end around 5:30 pm each day.  Healthy snacks will be provided in the morning and late afternoon.  Participants will be given time to eat a sack lunch or to find lunch locally.  Lodging and meals will not be included.

Although participants will be encouraged to share some personal information with their colleagues, they will not be required to share intimate details and especially not in front of the group.  The REAC²H workshops do not encourage participants to do intense trauma work during the workshop.  This kind of trauma work can be useful, but is usually not appropriate in the context of the REAC²H workshops and isn’t necessary for healing to take place.  Creating a safe and secure environment is an important element of the workshop.  Therefore, participants will be strongly encouraged to respect boundaries, confidentiality and anonymity.

Participants can expect to… laugh and to cry… to more fully accept their vulnerabilities while also realizing their many strengths… to sense their true nature and genuinely believe in their own inherent worth… to own their life story while also letting go of their self-defeating story lines… to deepen their capacity to connect with themselves and with other people.  Healing is in REAC²H!

Registration and Pricing

REAC²H workshops will now be offered at The Meadows treatment center in Arizona!  Dr. Caldwell and The Meadows have teamed up to expand the scope and breadth of REAC²H by offering a 2-day weekend version of the workshop to individuals who participate in The Meadows’ 6-week inpatient treatment program.  Additionally, an expanded 5-day REAC²H workshop will be offered as part of The Meadows’ renowned repertoire of outpatient workshops.  These new versions of the REAC²H workshop will be called “Mind & Heart: A Mindful Path to Wholehearted Living“.  They will maintain all of the healing elements of the original workshop design and will serve as exciting additions to the exceptional services already offered at The Meadows.  Pricing and registration for the 5-day REAC²H workshop will be managed by The Meadows.  You can find a list of upcoming  REAC²H workshops on the schedule and location page.