Overview of REAC²H

REAC²H is an acronym that stands for Restoring Embodied Awareness, Compassionate Connection and Hope.  As implied by the name, REAC²H is based on the notion that our deepest desire is to compassionately connect with our true nature and with other people.  People all over the world are yearning for connection… searching for something more in their lives.  This capacity for meaningful connection is already within each and every one of us, but at times we may need help rediscovering it.  The REAC²H workshops can help with this process!

It is widely recognized that people who have experienced unhealthy attachment relationships in childhood and/or adulthood can find it hard to feel good about themselves.  Frequently they have trouble managing their emotions and behavior and they often experience difficulties in close relationships.  For better or for worse, our experiences in close relationships are part of us and can influence our behavior in profound ways… whether we recognize it or not.  We might even find ourselves repeating unhealthy patterns in our lives that seem to have a connection with our past.  These painful cycles can leave us feeling frustrated and trapped.  But hope is in REAC²H!

The REAC²H workshops encourage the use of time-honored mindfulness techniques to bring gentle awareness and compassion to the memories, beliefs, and emotions that stem from our experiences in close relationships.  The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn much about how early attachment relationships with family members have shaped how you think and feel about yourself today.  Also, you will have an opportunity to explore how these early attachment relationships continue to influence your mental, emotional and behavioral patterns in adult romantic relationships.  More importantly, you will learn practical ways to begin healing emotionally from attachment-related wounds so that you can be more present and whole with yourself and with others.

The REAC²H workshops involve a wonderful balance of right-and-left brain, mind-and-body and secular-and-spiritual topics… you are sure to gain much from these powerful training opportunities.  You can read testimonials from REAC²H workshop participants here and check out the satisfaction ratings from previous REAC²H workshops here.  You can learn more about the science behind REAC²H by clicking here.  The preliminary results of the REAC²H research study have been posted here and are being prepared for publication.   You can find dates and locations for upcoming REAC²H workshops here.  Remember, healing is in REAC²H!