REAC²H Website Information

The Healing is in REAC²H website has some unique features that might interest you!  First, this website is a labor of love and a collaborative effort between Dr. Caldwell and the folks at Trivitas Group.  The REAC²H logo was specifically designed to capture the essence of the REAC²H model.  The outline of the figure’s head is not continuous, signifying open-mindedness, curiosity, and flexibility.  The figure is sitting in a type of lotus position, which is characteristic of meditation practices, like those involving mindfulness.  The figure in the logo is depicted as compassionately connecting to his or herself by tenderly caring for the heart – the seat of the soul.  Lastly, the figure is simultaneously reaching out to connect compassionately with others.

Much of the artwork on the Healing is in REAC²H website is by artist H.Koppdelaney.  His work courageously embodies many of the existential themes that are explored in the REAC²H model.  His mystical creations – full of symbolism, meaning and beauty – have a transcendent effect on the mind and body.  When spending time with his artwork, one cannot help but to drop below the surface of busy day-to-day life and feel a yearning to more fully live life’s mysteries.